Leadership Personnel

  Leadership Personnel  

Bob Rodgers (Katherine)

Executive Director

Bob and Katherine both grew up in Washington’s Puget Sound area. They joined the NICE family in 1982 and Bob has served pastorates in Keyport, Washington and Culdesac and Hailey, Idaho. In 2002, they returned to their home area to assist and encourage NICE missionaries in Western Washington and Alaska. On October 1, 2010, Bob assumed responsibility as Executive Director of NICE. Contact Rodgers here.

Jesús Córdova (Maria)
Director of Hispanic Ministries


After working as church planters with First Fundamental Bible Church of Monterey Park, California, The Córdovas came to the Pacific Northwest in 1994. Since 1994 they have been instrumental in beginning numerous  Hispanic churches here in the Northwest. In addition to planting churches, they began a School of Ministry in 2007 to train Hispanic pastors and Sunday school teachers. They also current serve as pastor of Iglesia Cristo Vive in Salem, Oregon. Contact Cordovas here.

Roger Hayden
Inland Northwest Field Director 

Roger has served as NICE missionary pastor throughout Idaho, Washington and California with his wife Karen, who went to be with the Lord in 2012 after battling cancer. Roger married Emily Potter on February 18, 2018. In addition to his service as Inland Northwest Field Director, Roger (and Emily) also serve as pastor of Cambridge Bible Church (Idaho). Contact Roger here.

Jerry James (Lois)
Oregon Field Director 

Since 1967, Jerry has served with NICE as Missionary Pastor, Field Director, and on loan to establish a mission in Alabama. Oversight of NICE work in Oregon is now his chief ministry responsibility. Jerry and Lois are parents of five grown children and live in Lebanon, Oregon.
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Bob Allen (Judi)
Washington Field Director/Office Manager

Bob and Judi Allen joined the NICE family in 1992 after serving two terms as missionaries in Belgium. Bob's responsibilites with NICE have included Ethnic Ministries Director and Financial Officer. Judi worked in the NICE office and then for many years as secretary at Edgewood (Vallley) Bible Church. For the past 10 years they have been assisting at Hobart Community Church as Church Team Missionaries. In addition to their Field Director ministry, Judi serves as the NICE Office Manager.
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Roy Sprague (Elvia)

Roy and Elvia are available to serve your church. Roy's years of experience as an evangelist, pastor, children's worker, mission director, and leader of IFCA International furnish a wealth of experience and insight which they share with excellence.
The Sprague’s ministry will usually include visuals designed for the interest of the entire family. Some of these are:

-- Powerpoint and printed outlines
-- Scene-O-Felts with blacklight
-- Gospel magic - Videos

Go to their Ministry Description Page for further information.


Earl Brubaker (Shirley)

Having resigned from ministry as Executive Director and Office Manager of N.I.C.E., Brubakers continue to be active with N.I.C.E. as needs arrive; recently serving as Interim at Deary Community Bible Church and helping out at Cambridge Bible Church.

In addition to 30 years of pastoral ministry and 15 years of mission administrative experience, Earl has been an active participant in IFCA International on both Regional and Naitonal levels. Earl has also served as President of the Board of IFCA International. Earl and Shirley are available to serve you and your church in whatever ways may be helpful to you.

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