For Women

  For Women  
Choices Women Make
The decisions women make affect their own lives and the lives of those around them. The goal of those decisions includes choosing to obey, to be grateful, to share what God has done for us, to be an encourager, to get along with others, and to cling to the promises of God.

an Attitude of Thanksgiving
Developing a thankful heart when dealing with life’s tough circumstances and difficult people is the emphasis of this seminar. It also examines what God says about grumbling and complaining and how to exhibit a true spirit of thanksgiving.

Lessons through the Prayer-Life of Christ
This seminar searches the topic of prayer through the example of our Savior’s life and draws practical application concerning one’s personal prayer life. Time is spent looking at the value Christ placed on His own prayer life; His teaching, His personal habit, His reasons, His situations, places and people surrounding Him.

The Power of Encouragement
The Scriptural admonition of encouraging others as well as the tools available to build others up in their Christian walk is he subject of this seminar.
Single session such as a ladies tea.

Seasons of Life
Life is constantly shifting, often marking a change in the seasons of life. Subjects covered in this seminar are the seasons of change that life brings to us, finding joy in the seasons of turmoil; times when life is painful, seasons of thanksgiving and seasons of being forced to begin again.

A Wise Women Builds Her Home
A good seminar, using Proverbs 14:1 as the key passage along with other Scripture, emphasizing the tremendous privilege and responsibility that God has given women in their own home and family. It centers on building up those in our home, realizing how easy it is to destroy those placed in our care.